Laboratory for observation of electromagnetic phenomena on San Lorenzo Island

Observation Laboratory for Electromagnetic Phenomena on San Lorenzo Island

The study of the relationship between earthquakes and their precursor phenomena has been the focus of interest for many researchers worldwide in recent decades. Among the most significant and widely studied phenomena are electromagnetic precursors, which are recorded and analyzed in areas with high seismic activity around the world.

In Peru, research using instruments called magnetometers has been conducted along the Peruvian coast since 2009. Since 2013, a magnetometer has been in operation on San Lorenzo Island off the coast of Callao. The main objective of this project is to design and install a new and improved seismic precursor monitoring station (electromagnetic and pre- and co-seismic luminescence phenomena) on San Lorenzo Island. The goal is to expand and enhance the sources of information obtained to explore possible links with seismic events in the area.

The proposed station will consist of a magnetometer for measuring the local magnetic field, a meter for induced potential difference with respect to the Earth's crust, a visible spectrum camera for capturing local luminescence phenomena, and an accelerometer system to collect mechanical motion data.

Another objective is to validate and/or correlate the data obtained by the station with data from studies conducted by the research team using magnetometers installed on the Lima coast. Ultimately, the results of this project have the potential to contribute to ongoing efforts in Peru and various parts of the world to study these phenomena and better understand their relationship with earthquakes.

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