Satellites: PUCP-Sat-1

Several people with different positions have contributed to the project, from different areas of knowledge and expertise. Here is a summary of participants:

PUCP Faculty and INRAS-PUCP Staff

Jorge Heraud P., Ph.D. Investigator & Project Director (
Professor. Director, Institute for Radio Astronomy

Jorge Moreno, Ph.D. Co-investigator
Professor. Head, Physics Electro-Acoustics Laboratory

Manuel Yarleque, Ph.D. Co-investigator
Professor. Head, Telecommunications Laboratory

Hugo Pratt, E. Eng. Co-investigator
Professor, Electronic Engineering Section

Antonio Lira, Ph.D. Co-investigator
Researcher, Institute for Radio Astronomy

Gonzalo Galvez, Ph.D. Co-investigator
Professor, Head, Physics Vaccum Thin Film area

Sayda Mujica, Ph.D. Co-investigator. Biological Sciences area

Ruth Manzanares, MSc. Co-investigator
Professor, Head, Mechanical Engineering Manufacture Lab.

INRAS Engineers

Rafael Vilchez .- E. Eng. Software & hardware engineering and development

Daniel Menéndez .- E. Eng. Satellite stabilization, PC boards

Neils Vilchez .- Cameras, hardware engineering and development

Jhonnell Fernandez .- Pocket-PUCP satellite development, Tx, Rx

Victor Centa .- Vibration machine construction, vacuum chamber, Tests

Joaquin Peralta .- Vacuum chamber development & construction

Felipe Carrero .- E. Eng. Antenna design and construction, deployment of Pocket-PUCP

Fedra Trujillano .- Antenna design and construction, deployment of Pocket-PUCP

Augusto Yipmantin .- Ground station yagi-array upgrade – construction. Administration

Jose Hernandez .- Ground station control software development

INRAS Associates, former and recent students

Juan Jave .- E. Eng. Ground station, satellite orbit, launch procedures and deployment

Joel Fernandez .- E. Eng. EPS design, Solar panel development

Alvaro Tejada .- Physics student, vacuum test chamber

Omar Piminchumo .- M.Eng. Thermal design for satellite test chamber

Diana Postigo .- E. Eng. EE former student Vacuum and thermal test chamber design

Otto Velarde .- E. Eng. EE former student, Ground Station software development

Jose Cerna .- EE former student – Satellite communications, Tx, Rx

Christian Cahuas .- EE former student – Pocket-PUCP Satellite deployment

Victor Aparicio .- EE student. Vacuum chamber tests

Arturo Mozombite .- EE former student – Future satellite design

Angela Sanchez .- EE student – Future satellite design


Southern Peru Corporation (Peru)

Aceros Arequipa S.A. (Peru)

Telefonica del Peru (Peru)

Cementos Lima S.A. (Peru)

EADS Astrium (Germany)

Ascensores y Montacargas (Peru)

COSAPI Construcción S.A. (Peru)