Satellites: PUCP-Sat-1

Integration in Unisat-5 (Rome)

Stefano (from the Gauss Group) verifies the dimensions of the PUCP-Sat-1

Detail of the PUCP-Sat-1 during the last verifications.

CubeSats: PUCP-Sat-1 (Peru), ICUBE-1 (Pakistán) & HUMSat-D (Spain))

Exact moment of the integration of the PUCP-Sat-1 in the Italian shuttle Unisat-5

Dr. Jorge Heraud and Ing. Rafael Vílchez from INRAS-PUCP with members of the Italian Gauss Group

INRAS member Juan Jave observing the launch of the Dneper-1 rocket in Yasny, Russia


PUCP-Sat-1 Vibration Test.

The vibration machine was designed and built by INRAS-PUCP

Checking the vibration test results on the monitor

Development of the PUCP-Sat-1 payload

Thermal and vacuum tests in the laboratory of the Faculty of Physics

Satellite environmental chamber in the laboratories of the Faculty of Physics


Antenna arrays for VHF and UHF on the roof of INRAS

Array of Yagi antennas for VHF on the roof of INRAS

Ground Station.

Control and monitoring software.

Assembling the satellites

Detail of the Pocket-PUCP shuttle, located on the lid of the PUCP-Sat-1

PUCP-Sat-1 electronic boards assembled

Software design.

The PUCP-Sat-1 nanosatellite (CubeSat)

The Pocket-PUCP femtosatellite (own design)

PUCP-Sat-1 with antennas deployed and Pocket-PUCP - In process

Referential graph of satellites in orbit

Satellite Clean room work

Work of the PUCP-Sat-1 electronic boards in the stereo microscope

Satellite payload tests

PUCP-Sat-1 Weight Measurement - In Process

Electronic Design

Development of the electronics of the PUCP-Sat-1

Processor layout

PUCP-Sat-1 electronic circuit

Pocket-PUCP electronic circuit

Control of the deployment of antennas of the PUCP-Sat-1

Project beginnings

Initial group of the PUCP-Sat-1 satellite project (2009)

Design session