Nanosatellites Workshop in "Prospecta Americas"

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(Español) Asistentes al Taller de Nanosatélites

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(Español) El Dr. Jorge Heraud durante su presentación.

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(Español) El Dr. Gustavo Medina junto al Dr. Jorge Heraud, Director del INRAS, durante la clausura del Taller de Nanosatélites.

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(Español) El INRAS-PUCP tuvo un stand durante el evento "Prospecta Américas" en donde se dio a conocer más de sus proyectos de investigación.

On October 24 and 25, the Seminar “Prospect Americas” was held at the Open-PUCP facilities; This event was organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation of Peru (CONCYTEC) and the Department of Engineering PUCP, among other institutions.

As part of the activities of this Seminar, INRAS-PUCP was commissioned to carry out the specialized workshop on “Nanosatellites and Space Robotics” on Thursday, May 24. This workshop was a platform in which the educational qualities of university nanosatellites were shown; It was also discussed how to obtain new sources of financing for this type of project. Finally, attendees had the opportunity to present their advances in the development of nanosatellites and related topics.

The workshop began with a presentation on INRAS-PUCP and its projects by Dr. Jorge Heraud, director of the Institute; later, Engr. Roxana Morán in charge of INICTEL-UNI showed the projects of her institution. Then it was the turn of Dr. Eber Huanca from the Universidad Católica San Pablo of Arequipa (UCSA) who showed the laboratories that his university has and also spoke about the cooperation that exists between INRAS-PUCP, UCSA and UNI for the “Linku” project that will compete in the APSCO Microsatellite Contest in Xi’an, China from October 31 to November 2, represented by a Peruvian delegation including 02 INRAS researchers.

It was attended by General FAP Javier Tuesta, Institutional Head of the Peruvian Space Agency – CONIDA. General Tuesta gave a talk about the support and forms of financing that CONIDA offers to satellite projects of educational institutions. Continuing with the workshop, Omar Blas, representative of the AIDA-UNI group, continued commenting on the participation of its members in international events and the dissemination events that they carry out; later, Mauricio Gonzales, a medical student at UPCH, gave a brief presentation on nanosatellites.

The workshop was also attended by Dr. Gustavo Medina Tanco, head of the Space Instrumentation Laboratory (LINX), Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN), National Autonomous University of Mexico. His talk was based on his activities at the LINX, thus closing the workshop exhibitions.