Knowledge in orbit

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(Español) David de la Torre en la Universidad de Shanghái Jiao Tong, China.

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(Español) Alumnos peruanos durante un taller en el que se explicaba un lanzador de Cubesats.

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(Español) Delegación Peruana durante la clausura del 3er Summer Camp.

David De la Torre, an intern at INRAS and PUCP and student of electronic engineering participated in the 3rd Summer Camp of the Student Small Satellite Project in Shanghai, China from July 15 to August 3, 2019.

David was part of a commission made up of a total of 4 students from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Universidad Católica San Pablo de Arequipa and the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería representing Peru.

The students participated in various talks given by professors from different universities on topics related to the research and development of small satellites. There were also practical activities in which they took up the previous work of the 2nd Summer Camp held in Turkey in 2018, in which INRAS researchers also participated on behalf of the PUCP and Peru.

The Student Small Satellite Project is an initiative promoted by the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) and managed in our country through the Peruvian Space Agency – CONIDA.